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Let’s Reduce Your Traffic Penalties

Ask for help before you go to traffic court!

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Let’s Reduce Your Traffic Penalties

Ask for help before you go to traffic court!

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Paralegal Services in Ontario to Fight Your Traffic Ticket

If you have received an Ontario traffic ticket, don’t endanger your insurance rates or ability to get auto insurance at all by not acting on it. You may be able to avoid fines for traffic offences. Consult with Opta Paralegal Professional Corporation in Woodbridge to keep your licence free of demerit points. Opta is a paralegal service that handles traffic court legal defence and is ready to fight for you in court. Book an appointment today to discuss your case.

The goal is to save you from traffic points - or worse - penalties at reasonable rates, including those for:

  • Traffic tickets

  • Careless driving

  • Speeding

  • Driving without insurance

Licensed Traffic Legal Services Provider in Ontario

Opta can help you through the traffic court system with conscientious attention to details. As one of Ontario’s knowledgeable legal service providers for traffic fines and penalties, Opta is on your side and prepares carefully to attend court on your behalf. Let Opta study the facts and circumstances of your case before you pay any traffic ticket.

Professional Affiliations

You are in professional hands with licensed paralegal Joe Arcuri. He handles in traffic court legal defence and is authorized by the Law Society of Ontario.

Experience Counts!

Benefit from over 30 years of experience in Ontario courts.

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Services for Ontario Drivers

Be informed about your traffic rights. Opta will appear for you in court.

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Know the facts and legal remedies to fight a stunt driving case.



This website and its information are not legal advice, nor are they intended to be. Please consult a legal services provider (paralegal) for advice about your individual situation. Please contact Opta by electronic mail, telephone or in person. Contacting Opta through this website does not create a paralegal-client relationship. Until a paralegal-client relationship is established, please withhold from sending any confidential information. If you are charged with an offence, you should contact a paralegal immediately to discuss your options.

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