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Traffic Paralegal Services for Defence in Ontario Courts

Opta Paralegal Professional Corporation can help with traffic tickets that carry fines, demerit points or worse. Driving 16-29 km over the speed limit in Ontario can earn you 3 demerit points, a fine, and a speeding conviction that stays on your driving record for 3 years. Do you want to save your driving record, but not sure if you can fight traffic court by yourself? Our experienced paralegal, Joe Arcuri provides strong and personalized legal representation to clients who require traffic paralegal services in Ontario. He is dedicated to helping you through the system and protecting your driving privileges. If you have a traffic ticket, contact Opta or visit the office Monday through Saturday.

Joe works on cases concerning traffic tickets for the following offences:

Careless driving
Stunt driving or racing
Driving under suspension
Driving without a licence
Turn violations
Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign
Driving without a seatbelt/not securing a child
Failure to remain at the scene of an accident

Representation for Driving Without Insurance Violations

Driving without insurance is considered as a serious offence that can have costly consequences. It is more expensive than having the valid insurance you need to drive legally in Canada. Opta can help you save the fines and possible suspension of your driver’s licence for one year if you are cited for driving without insurance in Ontario. Let Opta help you avoid:

First conviction fines of $5,000 plus $1,250 surcharge
Second conviction fines of $10,000 and $2,500 surcharge

Additional Services

Opta also provides legal advices for cases involving:

Handheld device violation
Cannabis related offence

Contact our office to discuss your concerns or for more information.

Fight Traffic Tickets

Get help to retain your driving privileges and maintain your good record.

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