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 Fight Your Stunt Driving Ticket in Ontario 

Like most traffic offences, stunt driving is categorized as a minor traffic violation, however, it can still have negative, often expensive, consequences. This makes it imperative to have a legal professional by your side who can guide you and provide you with an unbiased approach to contest a stunt driving ticket.

Opta Paralegal Professional Corporation’s experienced legal professionals can save you from fines and licence cancellation in a stunt driving case. We have been handling stunt driving cases ever since the new regulations came out. We were also amongst the first ones who started specializing in cases related to stunt driving in Ontario. We help people avoid expensive tickets, higher insurance rates, and possibly suspension of their driver's license. Discuss your ticket with our team today.

Following are some of the most common violations under the Ontario Regulation 455/07 (races, contests and stunts):

Intentionally lifting a tire (or tires) from the road.
Intentionally causing tires to lose traction.
Intentionally causing a vehicle to spin.
The act decreases the threshold for stunt driving on municipal streets to 40 km/h over the speed limit, instead of 50 km/h.
Blocking someone from passing or re-entering the lane after a pass.
Slowing down or stopping to interfere with moving traffic.
Driving closely to another vehicle without reason.

Penalties in a Stunt Driving Case 

The penalty for Stunt Driving is as follows:

$2000.00 minimum fine.
$10,000.00 maximum fine.
Demerit six points.
Automatic 14 days vehicle impoundment and roadside 30-day licence suspension.
Court-ordered license suspension of up to ten years.
Possible jail sentence of up to six months.
Classified as a “serious” offence by most insurance companies.
First offence: minimum of 1 year to 3 years licence suspension.
Second offence: minimum 3 years to 10 years licence suspension.

Got Charged with Stunt Driving in Ontario?

Get in touch to know whether your stunt ticket can be withdrawn or dismissed.

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